Our mission is to serve across generations and collaborate with Mission at the Eastward (MATE) and other local and international ministries to share the love of God, inviting others to actively join us as “doers” rooted in our Christian faith

We live out our vision through our involvement in local community outreach. Our congregation is known for its commitment to social ministries. We support the Care and Share Food Closet and the Farmington Area Ecumenical Ministry heating fund. We host an annual Christmas service for the bereaved. We support a local homeless shelter. During the summer our congregation is the home base for the MATE Housing Ministry. Each summer hundreds of volunteers from churches all over the country come and renovate and repair houses for those in need.


The mission of the Deacons is one of compassion, witness, and service, sharing in the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, those burdened by unjust policies or structures, or anyone in distress. Deacons may also be given special assignments in the congregation.

The Fairbanks Union Church Deacons is currently undertaking a special project to help local school teachers with supplies for school children in need.

Lobster Shed

The Fairbanks Lobster Shed is a committee of the Fairbanks Union Church. The Lobster Shed operates a lobster and baked goods concession at the Franklin County Agricultural Fair aka the Farmington Fair the third week in September.

The mission and work of the Fairbanks Lobster Shed will benefit the mission of the Fairbanks Union Church, Mission at the Eastward, and/or other charitable organizations as designated by the Fairbanks Lobster Shed Committee.

Camp at the Eastward

Every summer, campers from grades K-12 and the camp staff gather at Camp at the Eastward in Starks to enjoy Bible studies, the adventure challenge course, games, arts and crafts, team building games and initiatives and other programs. United in God’s love, this family transcends differences in age, economic status, and geographic origin.

At Camp at the Eastward, we believe that each child is unique. Campers find a safe place where a new camping community is created each week and friendships become life-long.

MATE Housing Ministry

MATE Housing Ministry (MHM) is a vibrant housing ministry in west-central Maine. Client families, local churches and churches “from away”, paid and volunteer staff, local agencies and contiguous housing ministries all participate in this exciting ministry.

Volunteer Mission teams from all over the northeast come to western Maine to share their talents and caring with area homeowners, who without assistance with labor and/or materials, would be unable to make needed repairs and maintenance to their homes. Many of the volunteers take vacation time to be here.

South Africa Partnership

What started in 2000 as a sister-church relationship with the Macfarlan Presbyterian Church has grown and expanded to provide community-wide programs in the Tyhume Valley where Macfarlan is located. Apartheid ended in 1994, and it was in 1999 that the former black and white churches came together to create the “Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa.” Members of the Presbytery of Northern New England [PNNE] were there to celebrate the new union. A year later, a partnership with the Macfarlan Church in the Tyhume Valley was formed with MATE.