We finished up our journey of faith with the “Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel last night. What kept on nagging me, was do we need evidence of God’s existence – something like scientific proof or legal and logical arguments to come to faith in God, or for that matter, to make a decision for or against God. And then, of course, the question followed: “is the choice really ours?”

What I mean is, that even when we find the proof that God is real, can we then decide, now I have the proof, so now I believe? Or is there maybe, just maybe, something within us that drives our souls to do the search, so that we can finally say I believe, once the proof was found?

I believe that we all have a soul in search for something bigger than we are, within us. I believe that it is the Spirit – the breathe that God breathed into us at creation – that image of God, which is never really complete within us, until we find God – or should I say, we finally reach out to the God who made us and was there all along.

Does that mean that evidence is redundant? NO!!! We all want proof that God is listening from time to time, don’t we. We all are looking for the evidence, especially when things get tough. Here’s the thing… we are each other’s evidence, or angels or whatever you would like to call it. God within us make us reach out, care, fight for justice, have compassion and feed the hungry. This is more evidence of God’s existence than legal or scientific proof. So next time, when you are looking for the evidence – look around you to those who come to serve the least of these, those who bear you on their hands when you cannot stand anymore, and those who celebrate with you when all works out.

In the end, I believe, WE ARE THE EVIDENCE.